Local governments can do a better job by managing strategy!

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Local governments can do a better job by managing strategy!

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The job of local government is to deliver results for citizens and other community stakeholders.  The discipline of strategy management provides new opportunities for local governments to improve performance without raising taxes.  During the past 20 years cities and other local governments (counties and provinces) have achieved better outcomes by becoming more focused on strategy.  The balanced scorecard provides a framework for achieving these results.  The Alliance for Municipal Performance has been established to provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience gained by those at the forefront of this new approach so that others can benefit and the leaders can continue to make progress.

Please join this new movement by sharing your questions, experience, and insight so that all local governments can improve the outcomes they are providing to their communities.  We welcome your input and invite you to share your greatest challenges and most difficult questions.

In coming months we will share best practices from leading edge local governments from around the world and, beginning immediately, the door is open to your comments, questions, and suggestions for making this forum as valuable to you as possible.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Tale of Four Cities June 19 2015

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I have been involved in the field of strategy design and execution for over 20 years. My roles have included consulting, research, writing and publishing, and executive education. Since 1999 I have worked closely with Drs. Kaplan and Norton to advance the practice of strategy management via the balanced scorecard. I founded the Balanced Scorecard Report and designed the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame program.

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