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Alliance for Municipal Performance (AMP) provides strategy execution guidance-based on the Balanced Scorecard-customized for municipal governments. For more than twenty years the founders of AMP (David Norton, Laura Downing, and Randall Russell) have worked with hundreds of organizations around the world-across all size and industry categories-to help them achieve dramatic performance improvements. The AMP team is focused on municipal governments to help them customize the Balanced Scorecard approach.  The mission of AMP is to ensure that all municipal governments that rely on the Balanced Scorecard (recent converts and old hands as well) benefit from this new round of research and consulting to leverage the collective knowledge gained by leading adopters and world class exemplars (e.g., members of the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame).

Alliance for Municipal Performance, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization.




Dr. David Norton is the co-creator of the Balanced Scorecard framework along with his colleague Dr. Robert Kaplan.  Together they have published five books on the Balanced Scorecard in addition to numerous articles that have appeared in Harvard Business Review and elsewhere.  David has been a strong proponent of strategy execution for over 25 years.  Through his work with Alliance for Municipal Performance he will  help municipal governments leverage the scorecard to execute strategy and improve the quality of life for citizens and other stakeholders.



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Ms. Laura Downing is a pioneer in the field of strategy management for nonprofits. Her earliest non-profit work with the Special Olympics of Massachusetts is described in the book The Balanced Scorecard.  Laura specializes in taking on the particular challenges of mission-driven organizations that cannot rely solely on financial results to guide decision making.  Since 2001 Laura has focused her consulting exclusively on organizations that strive to make a difference. She enjoys the opportunity to add value to leaders who are fully committed to their mission as well as their passion.  She shows them how to set direction, collect performance data and manage with discipline to make better decisions.


Mr. Randall Russell has worked closely with David Norton, Robert Kaplan, and Laura Downing over the past 15 years leading research and publishing activities.  He established the framework for the annual Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame program (conducted by Palladium Group) and has led large international group consulting programs that help participants achieve the promise of their strategies by adopting and customizing best practices in strategy execution.  In recent years he has been engaged in consulting and executive education as well.  In the Alliance for Municipal Performance he is working with other practitioners to design and test an optimized strategy execution approach suitable for adoption by all municipal governments.


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